DLP Finance Process

2 min readApr 14, 2023


De:liquidity finance Overview

[User Perspective]

  1. Users can purchase DLP tokens through centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges.
  2. Users can participate in the ecosystem through two methods: 1) DEX LP deposit [link] and 2) DLP membership participation [link].
  3. Users receive rewards for participating in the ecosystem in the form of DLP tokens.
  4. Users can convert DLP tokens into cash through token sales.

[Foundation Perspective]

  1. The foundation entrusts all funds generated from DLP sales to Smartpig Co., Ltd., and uses them solely for asset management.
  2. The foundation secures profits through asset management using SPMA.
  3. 40% of the profits are paid as rewards to participants in the DLP ecosystem, 40% is used for project operating expenses, and the remaining 20% is reserved for contingencies, buybacks to maintain/increase the value of DLP tokens.

Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, the DLP project uses profits from asset management for foundation operating expenses, rather than funds from token sales, which can help alleviate concerns about the depreciation of DLP tokens.

Although there may be concerns from investors about the opacity of the use of funds from token sales due to the lack of regulations, the DLP project has shown careful consideration in this regard.

You may wonder how much profit can be generated from asset management. If you check the regular reports [link], you may find that the rewards paid to users, foundation operating expenses, and contingencies for the potential increase in the value of DLP tokens may be sufficient and more.

Today, we looked into the structure of the DLP project, which seems to be well-organized in various aspects, making the future of the DLP project even more promising.

On the other hand, there may be variables depending on the regulatory direction of governments in various countries, and Kevin, a representative of the DLP project, responded as follows:

“The DLP ecosystem has been designed based on the long experience and know-how of the cryptocurrency industry, as well as thorough legal consultation. We are fully aware of the possibility of unfavorable policies being applied to the ecosystem and are preparing response plans in various directions.”

The fact that the management team of the DLP project plans carefully and thoroughly adds to the credibility of the project.

Thank you.