Purpose of DLP project

1 min readApr 14, 2023


Today, let’s take some time to understand the purpose of DLP project.

To summarize briefly by excerpting the contents of the DLP whitepaper,

The goal is to protect the investment funds and asset growth of participants, and create an unusually successful project in the blockchain industry.

So, how can we achieve a successful project?

It is difficult to clearly define the success factors for a cryptocurrency project, but we consider two points as key factors:

  1. How many Daily Active Users (DAU) participate in the project ecosystem?
  2. How long can we retain these participants?

Therefore, the DLP project aims to provide investors with a more stable cryptocurrency investment destination, while securing DAU through elements of fun such as mini-games, and by using the revenue generated from all of these to continuously strengthen the community of participants in a sustainable and long-term manner, we believe it can become a successful project.

In this challenging time when the morale hazards of domestic projects such as the Luna incident, the delisting of Wemix, the Klaytn issue, and the delisting of Paycoin are constantly raised, and the investment sentiment in the cryptocurrency market is greatly dampened,

We hope that the DLP project will always pursue fairness, transparency, and symbiosis between issuers and participants, and become a successful cryptocurrency project that can be sustained.

Thank you.